Richard E. Payne
    Rudy Spruill  
     Roderick Johnson
Deliberate, methodical instrumentation cascades this group's blend of jazz, gospel and classical music. Though based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, The Richard Payne Trio has engaged national and international audiences with their intricate sound of musical tapestries for several years. Sharing their musical allure with audiences all over the world, the members have also played with many well-known gospel and jazz recording artists.
  Richard is a professional speaker, and provides music consulting and coaching

for musicians and organizations. He
produces musical events for schools, nonprofits and universities. 
  The illustrious career of The Richard Payne Trio began eight years ago when three men joined forces to blend and exhibit their unique musical styles.
  Each member of the group is highly trained in his respective musical genre.
  Richard Payne, for whom the group is named, is a legendary performer who has released CDs featuring his solo piano selections. The CD entitled Dedications, recorded live in Concert, takes the listener on a musical journey. The music is meditative, penetrating, and inspirational. Richard Payne has been described as "Soul and Spirit" at the piano. His first recording Unconditional Love is a collection of original piano selections. Each piece of
music reflects his sensitivity and

introspective philosophy of life.
Unconditional Love is composed of eight
musical pieces with a mellow perspective that provides the listener with an uplifting ...inspiring experience. The Richard Payne Trio recently celebrated the release of their new CD -- a blend of various styles, idioms and colors of music.

  In live performances and musical compilations, the Trio skillfully blends its respective instrumentation to create memorable melodies. Every improvisational segment is compelling and soothing to the ear.
  Composing rhythms since their youth, The Richard Payne Trio exudes an energy that allows them to create music that touches the spirit. Their music reflects life experiences, the way of the world, as well as personal and philosophical beliefs.